OASIS 1 Oasis is a project where one small scale engagement automatically brings about discussion about a larger scale. In order to revitalise a “dead corner” in the city we will create a catalyst of some sort, which has a positive effect locally and city-wide. Such a catalyst can be a sculpture, illumination concepts, temporary structures, a fountain, plants, a shelter, and so forth which affects actions and behaviour among its users.

There are numerous unused and unattractive corners of the city, how can we revitalise these?

Could one architectural element transform a whole square?
Could it bring about new actions and behaviours?

Could the designed situation contribute to a sense of community and well-being?

Corners in Berlin with high development potential

REST & NEST - Tim Portnoy 3D PARK - Caroline Richter NETS - Michelle Ibe BRING THE MOUNTAIN IN THE VILLAGE - Nils Holbach AN DER KANTE- Franz Hagen THE STARS WITHIN REACH- Matthias Schmidt MIRROR MAP - Jens Leikam ROCKY LANDSCAPE - Christian Bauer TREESPACE - Niklas Jossa TREESPACE - Niklas Jossa BIOTOPE SQUARE - Anne Dimter BIOTOPE SQUARE - Anne Dimter BIOTOPE SQUARE - Anne Dimter