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Photo by Studio Ivana Franke Photo by Studio Ivana Franke Photo by Studio Ivana Franke Fredrik Skåtar supported Ivana Franke with 3d-models, production drawings and visualizations for her project “Room for Running Ghosts”, placed in the inner yard of a five-star hotel in Croatia. Her art piece consists of numerous icosidodecahedra, stacked to create overlaps of lines that visually creates multiple layers of patterns when moving around the sculpture.

Consulting for: Ivana Franke
Service: Geometry analysis, 3d-models, visualizations, production drawings
Location: Hotel Lone, Rovinj, Croatia
Materials: Aluminium pipes, fishing line

This lampshade is based on the pentakis dodecahedron. It consists of 60 triangular, raw aluminium plates that are joined by minimal steel connections to optimize the length of the light slots. The size and the coating (white, black, chrome) can be customised.

Size: Diameter 60 cm.
Material: raw aluminium, steel, LED light, fixtures..
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